Art Token

Art Tokenization within Regulatory Framework

Tokenized Art Platform

An end-to-end token architecture for the art industry that backed by artworks. We assist the industry in the areas of technology, legal, and auditing. raising funds for the acquisition of art. With the regulations encoded in a smart contract. our coins are compliant with many governments.

We provide due investigation, auditing, and legal services. for the valuation of your art. and then assign a value to your token at Blockchain App Maker. We create art tokens based on blockchain technology. that pay dividends or interest to your investors..

We also provide a Crowdfunding Art Tokenization Platform. for tokenizing galleries, allowing them to liquidate their assets. while also collecting funds for future expansion and purchases.

Scope of Art Investment Tokens

Commercial Gallery Tokenization

An audited fractionalization logic in compliance. with regulations and standards used to assign ownership. to a group of paintings.

Single Art Tokenization

Tokenize a single piece of art and use crowdfunding to fund extra art or capital for your project.

Trophy Art Tokenization

In a compliant, secure, and unchangeable ledger. liquidate your trophy art and raise revenue. for further procuring art for your initiatives.

Art Tokenization Strategy

Tokens backed by art are changing the way art collectors. and investors invest in and collect paintings all over the world. The possibility for blockchain engineers, attorneys, and financial experts to plan. With a staff of Legal, Financial, and Blockchain Consultants. as well as Art enthusiasts, we at Blockchain App Maker. make the legal and practical difficulties easier to understand.

During the tokenization of assets. our developers consult with subject matter experts. on crowdfunding/ securities, tax/accounting, and art enthusiasts on a regular basis. Our development team guided by SMEs. allowing you to raise financing within the regulatory environment.

Strategic Checklist

Why Blockchain App Maker?

Our art coins have a legal architecture that may be used on a variety of blockchains. Our staff of over 200 people is dedicated to assisting you in tokenizing your art inside the legal framework.

Art Tokenization Platform

For the gallery industry, a tailored all-in-one painting-backed token issuing platform. Issuers can tokenize their commercial galleries. or a single trophy painting using the technology. Become a “Tokenization as a Service” provider as an issuing company. and the tokens can be on Ethereum, Hyperledger, or Stellar.


The concept of artwork tokenization is the conversion of any type of art into a token that contains the art’s ownership information and identifier. Every sale and stake made with the art token will be recorded on the distributed ledger.

Although art tokenization appears to be straightforward, it requires blockchain integration, a wallet to make the stake, and a variety of different Dapps for diverse uses. The best solution for tokenizing your art is to use an art tokenization company.

There are various reasons to tokenize an artwork,

  • Posting it on the Tokenization marketplaces can help you reach a bigger audience. 
  • To retain ownership of a certain work of art and make it tamper-proof.

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