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Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that has the ability to completely transform our economy. Many of the world’s largest companies have used Blockchain App Maker to strategize their blockchain solutions, and we’ve also worked with dynamic startups to help them reach their full potential. Our distributed ledger solutions have simultaneously affected the supply chain, healthcare, and payments industries. We are the leading Blockchain Consulting Company in the market due to our unrivalled expertise of blockchain technology.

Why seek our consultation?

At Blockchain App Maker, we like to share what we’ve learned from the projects we’ve worked on. Our crew is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of various platforms, having dealt with all of the existing blockchain platforms firsthand. In addition, we assisted the client with the development of unique blockchain solutions. The requirements, as far as we can tell, are not in the backend.

Strategic Consulting

You can get strategic advise on blockchain technology deployment based on a detailed examination of your company's profile. Along with concurrent development support in terms of data analytics and advice. We'll assess the capabilities of existing blockchain technologies and how they might help you improve your organisation.

Training module

We guide, train, and educate your team on blockchain technology and its applications through seminars, workshops, critical comments, and educational materials. will provide you with sufficient knowledge of the complex blockchain ecosystem and all of its branches. Experts and advisers who have developed solutions will provide the training module.

Hands-On Experience

We've worked on a number of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects in both real-world and cryptocurrency applications. Through continual improvements and feedback, our project managers have built a framework for the consulting team. Our key strength as a blockchain consulting firm is our first-hand expertise adapting blockchains to meet the demands of customers.

Blockchain Consulting Procedures


We discuss the project's feasibility with our technical team and outline the commercial objectives. (ldea)


Our experts will evaluate your present technological and business processes.


We discuss the project's feasibility with our technical team and outline the commercial objectives. (ldea)


Create a foundation for a plausible solution to an issue that already exists.

Test of Volume

After making changes to the prototype, the product is put to the test in real-world situations.


The new technology is being closely monitored and integrated into the surroundings.


Review exceptions on a regular basis and fine-tune the product to fulfil environmental criteria.


Cryptocurrency Consulting

We have established 20+ cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform or any other blockchain platform or fully customised own blockchain for our clients all over the world in domains such as healthcare, e-commerce, and human resources, making us one of the top cryptocurrency consulting organisations. Our hands-on experience creating ICOs and cryptocurrencies is our greatest strength as a cryptocurrency consulting firm.


We'll suggest a great way to put your coin/token to good use. It could be a utility currency, a security token, or a stock token.


Our team of experts will walk you through the process of generating a coin/token on the Ethereum, EOS, or your own blockchain, depending on which platform is ideal for your application.


We'll assist you in setting up a dashboard that allows you to accept many currencies.


We'll suggest a wallet that's right for your project: multi-currency, blockchain-based, hot or cold.


The dashboards, coins, and wallets are all integrated into the system, followed by extensive testing and monitoring.


We will assist in the creation of a whitepaper that includes the project ecosystem, coin ecosystem, tokenomics, and coin/token use case.


We will assist you in establishing a registered office with a company secretary in a crypto-friendly country.


For your project, our expert team knows the best combination of token and fund allocation.

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