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The use of blockchain technology to store, authenticate, and preserve data is a very practical option. Consider a Blockchain to be a distributed, highly secure database. It’s a distributed, peer-to-peer ledger of records, to put it another way. While nothing is completely secure, Blockchain is a major step ahead from current data security technology since there is no single point of failure, unlike a centralised database.

The blocks in a Blockchain are referred to as ‘blocks,’ and each block is linked to the previous block (thus the terms ‘block’ and ‘chain’). The entire chain is self-managed, which means no single person or group is in charge of it. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Bitcoin, the virtual money, is based on Blockchain technology.

Financial services, insurance, and healthcare are just a few of the industries that are expected to embrace Blockchain technology. In fact, 90% of major European and North American banks are looking at Blockchain technology.


Banking & Finance

Banks are eager to take advantage of the possibility to minimise transaction costs and paper processing. Blockchain implementation would be a step toward making banks more profitable and useful.


Technically, electronic communication is a type of transaction. If the email service is linked to a blockchain application, the IT team may be able to address the problem elegantly. It's possible that the future will be less chaotic than the present. If blockchains are the way of the future.

Consumer Goods

Whether it's a Rolex watch or a prescription drug, blockchain can give an accessible, trustworthy record of the item. The consumer has access to the product's whole history, starting from the minute it rolled off the assembly line, ensuring its authenticity.


Students' academic records, which include notes, certificates, and titles earned, are safeguarded. This information, which is stored in a chain of blocks, is safe in the event that the institution loses these files or fails to send certifications via blockchain.

Energy & Utilities

Billing that is automated and based on adjustable retail prices, as well as proof of generation source origin. Allowing smaller generators to participate in demand response and peer-to-peer trading.

Information Services

Firms that change their business models in the aftermath of potential challenges. Greater benefits, such as enhanced transparency, lower costs, and faster turnaround times, will be realised.


The insurance industry will face challenges, but blockchain's capacity to deliver comprehensive accountability will help. Transparency and greater security will save time and money for insurers while also improving consumer satisfaction.

Life Sciences

Complex information exchange is necessary for public health surveillance, but it must be done safely. Clinics, laboratories, and government health departments may use blockchain to reliably communicate information so that everyone can trust the information they get.


Manufacturers are beginning to investigate blockchain as an alternative to recording and exchanging data as a result of growing concerns about data security.

Media & Entertainment

Because of two issues the sector has faced as material has gone digital, media and entertainment presents a fascinating use case: the capacity to secure as well as monetize intellectual property.


A blockchain solution that provides a single source and uses smart contracts to automate the execution of orders and payments could be used by retailers and their supply chain vendors.

Travel & Tourism

The next natural stage in the transition away from costly centralised management and toward a completely self-managed, autonomous tourism industry is blockchain technology.

Technical Advisory

With private and permissioned Blockchain networks, we specialise in developing new solutions tailored to specific company needs. Our service provides consulting services in the areas of incubation, implementation, integration, and innovation. We can assist with the implementation and support of Blockchain solutions across all blockchain platforms.

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