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Zed Run-Like Racing Game Spectrum To Be Delivered By NFT Marketplace Development

What’s there to see here? Is there anything missing from the “to”? There has been a long history of non-fungible tokens. Now, NFTS can be found all over the place. A quarter of a year later, they’ve made billions in profits. In addition to their flexibility, NETS are inseparable. Art, music, and the gaming industry all benefited from their efforts. Games have been centrally controlled for decades, and the assets within them cannot be used for any other purpose. They’ve changed the way traditional gaming is done. Numerous marketplaces for NFT games, such as gods Unchained, Decentraland, and Zed Run, were born. Our Blockchain App Maker has contributed to the growth of the NFT gaming market with our NFT marketplace like Zed Run.

Building a Racing-Reality In Virtual World Marketplace

NFT-based horse racing game Zed Run lets you bet on a horse and win the battle to collect the winnings, just like in real-time horse racing. In Zed Run, users can breed their horses in the stable or on the market, just like in real life. They can also be bred and then used in racing. As a result, each horse has its own DNA and a different NET (Network Equivalent Type).

This game allows users to not only train their horses, but they can also earn money by selling them on the NFT marketplace. The price will be determined by the horse’s tier and demand. When it comes to Zed Run, it’s a combination of NFT betting and gaming platform that’s aimed at both. Unlike other NFT racing marketplaces like Zed Run, our build is compatible with all types of racing in NFT space.

Zed Run Like NFT Marketplace- Components

Our NFT-like Zed Run marketplace is constructed entirely on blockchain technology, and the Zed Run’s components include:


When it comes to the racing NFT marketplace and Zed Run, both have a great storefront built with the user in mind.

Commercial Trade

These horses can be traded on the open market, and their value increases as they grow and win races.


Stable or market horses are used in the breeding process to create a new horse. The breeding process is a fee-based service that requires a fee to be paid.

Learn to Make

To breed a horse, the rarity and availability of the horses must be known, and genotype purity and bloodline scarcity must be determined.


The first race is the gryphon race, in which the horses are divided into different categories. The gryphon race is restricted to horses that are fully grown and bred.

Horse Breed Classified: Zed Run Like NFT Marketplace

Similar to real-life gaming is the Racing NFT marketplace, which is similar to Zed Run. You can choose from Genesis, Exclusive Pacer, CroSs or Legendary. They have their own classification system for horses.

In the same way that Zed Run’s drop is available in the NFT marketplace, this genesis is as well. It’s estimated that Zed Run’s marketplace, which is grouped between Z1 and Z10, has 38,000 horses.

Horse Breed Classified: Zed Run Like NFT Marketplace

Z1 - 1000 Z2 - 1000 Z3 - 1000 Z4 - 1000 Z5-2000
Z6- 3000 Z7 - 4000 Z8-6000 Z9 - 9000 Z10- 10,000


This allows the horses to be separated into different bloodlines, each of which has a different name.


There is a Nakamoto horse group in the Genesis horse line between Z1 and Z2.


The Szabos are the Genesis horse group between z3 and z4.


The Finneys are the Genesis horse group from z5 to z7.


Buterins are considered to be the Genesis horse group from z8 to z10.

Griffin Race 

It is possible to take part in the first race of after breeding the horse. There are 12 slots available, with 4 points awarded for placing first, 3 for placing second, 2 for placing third and 1 point awarded for placing fourth. However, the 9th to 12th positions will lose points.

Like Zed Run, the Racing NFT Marketplace follows a similar workflow

Zed Run like NFT marketplace’s workilow is explained in detail in the following paragraphs:

In Zed Run, this is where a user interacts with the system, similar to the NFT marketplace.

The user must first construct a steady environment.



The horse should be bred by the user.

User should begin racing with a mature horse.



The user must be aware of the growth and scarcity.

The user should set up a stable depending on their knowledge.



The user can then purchase a racehorse from the marketplace.

The horse that was purchased will appear in the stable.


Participation in a Race

An NFT wallet integration is required for Zed Run users to participate in the initial Griffin race by paying with WETH instead of ETH. The Racehorse can also be purchased through various marketplaces, as well as through the NFT marketplace, which is similar to Zed Run.

How Can Blockchain App Maker Deliver A High-Standard Racing NFT Marketplace Like Zed Run?

With the help of blockchain experts, our Blockchain App Maker created a Zed Run-like NFT market, integrating blockchain technology, and building an entire market for better user experience. Your NFT Racing platform can launch any type of racing with our Racing NFT marketplace. Which allows you to take advantage of the scarcity and attract attention in the NFT space. We offer better technology and customer service to our clients to ensure a seamless deployment experience. It’s easy to get started. Just fill out the form and stay calm. What remains is up to us.


Zed Run-like NFT marketplace with all of their functionality that can be modified or customised if needed or required.

This is the process of mating one of your horses in the NFT market with another in your stable to create a new one. Charges for this service will apply.

After the horse has been bred and grown, it is eligible to compete in the gryphon race, which takes place every year. At this point, the horse will receive points based on its position.

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