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Clients at the far ends of the company and scale spectrum have benefited from Blockchain App Maker creative solutions. Our blockchain development expertise allows us to create tailored blockchain-based solutions for a variety of industries. Decentralize and automate operations while lowering operating costs with blockchain-based solutions like ICOs, smart contracts, smart wallets, Hyperledger, and others. Discover a world of possibilities with our services, which are designed to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. 

Blockchain App Maker has the distinction of having completed more than 30 end-to-end ICOs using various tech stacks (such as the ERC20 token or own Blockchain and Minable coins) and IcO marketing. We’re expanding our services to include the creation of STOs on our own blockchain, as well as a centralised exchange that supports both utility and security tokens.

We’ve learnt a lot of lessons on this road so far, and we’re still evolving into a force to be reckoned with.

Our Services

Our knowledgeable experts provide complex and dependable blockchain technology solutions for a wide range of applications.


NFT Development Solutions

Tokenize your unique assets, like as collectibles and other signature products, to increase their worth.

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Decentralized Exchange Development

Allocating resources for Decentralized exchange development will give you greater flexibility in your operations. Benefits such as no third-party influence, perfect anonymity, high security, and improved transparency are available.


DEFI Development

To reap the benefits of the Fintech business, provide Defi development services. Atomic swapping, lower risk, over-collateralization, and high-level liquidity are just a few of the benefits.


EOS Blockchain Development

Join the EOS blockchain development team to help create safe smart contracts, integrated wallets, unique bounty programmes, and decentralised applications.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Legal

Take advantage of Cryptocurrency Exchange Legal services such as litigation strategies, anti-money laundering counselling, support in comprehending crypto regulations, and setting up potential blockchain companies to stay on the right side of the law.


Ethereum Token Development

Involve your company in Ethereum Token development to enable seamless token transfers, fund management via digital wallets, and hassle-free listing on the market's top exchanges.


TRON DApps Development

On the TRON network, we create feature-rich decentralised apps that you can personalise according to your tastes.

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White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

At a low price, get a secure and personalised exchange with a robust matching engine, integrated wallets, and top-notch security measures.


Hybrid Exchange Development

Easily execute smart contract transactions on our Ethereum and TRON-based hybrid exchanges, akin to IDEX and Joyso.


Tezos DApp Development

Invest in Tezos Dapp development to make your network more safe and stable. At a low cost, smart contract security, the construction of a microservices architecture, improved governance mechanisms, token creation, and wallet development will all be possible.


Stellar Blockchain Development

Participate in the Stellar blockchain development to create foolproof financial systems. Consulting is one of the many services we offer. Smart contract development, API integration, wallet creation, and smart contract audit are all things that we can help you with.


Cryptocurrency MLM Software

Get a decentralised, transparent, and highly secure Cryptocurrency MLM programme that works with TRON, Ethereum, and Bitcoin networks effortlessly.


DApps Development

Our professional team of developers will design highly programmable, scalable, feature-rich decentralised applications for you. We personalise the programmes based on your preferences.


Blockchain Wallet Development

Get the best Blockchain wallet development services to create secure and dependable cryptocurrency wallets for effective digital asset management. Our Blockchain Wallet Development Services enable you to store your digital currency or cryptocurrencies in highly secure blockchain wallets.


Altcoin Creation Services

To Build Your Own Custom Altcoin, Blockchain App Maker, Altcoin Development Company Offers Premium Custom Atcoin Creation Service For Every Business, From Start-ups To Entrepreneurs.


Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange is a ready-to-go Cryptocurrency Trading Website with extensive features that will alfow you to quickly establish a profitable cryptocurrency exchange.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Blockchain App Maker is a Bitcoin Exchange Software Development Company that started building an ultimate Cryptocurrency Exchange Software to make cryptocurrency transactions seamless, secure, and rapid.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

With Universal Wallet, you can keep track of your cryptocurrency transactions and store it safely. Extremely resistant to both harsh and mild labour.


ICO Development

For a successful bitcoin enterprise, we provide exceptional services in complete and dependable ICO solutions.

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ICO Marketing

To attract investors, create strategic ICO marketing strategies that use a potent combination of online and offline promotion.


IEO Development

List your token on a reputable exchange to swiftly and easily raise revenue!

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Security Token Offering

Tokenize your debt and bond instruments, allowing you to liquidate long-term assets for short-term funding.


Real Estate Tokenization

With integrated cutting-edge blockchain technology and high-end security from our market expertise, tokenize your real estate and fractionalize ownership for increased profit.

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Security Token Exchange

For the trading of security, equity, and asset tokens, create your own Security Token Exchange or Broker-Dealer Platform.


Asset Tokenization

Art, real estate, and gold bars are highly illiquid assets, and legaly compliant tokenization of real-world assets can assist you in raising finance.

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STO Marketing

Brand your Token for the purpose of soliciting investment opportunities for approved and non-accredited investors within the legal restrictions.


Art Tokenization

To boost their liquidity and preserve intellectual property rights, tokenize pricey paintings, sculptures, and other works of art.


Solidity Development

Customized solutions for high-quality smart contracts written in the Solidity programming language.


Crowdfunding Platform

Brand your Token for the purpose of soliciting investment opportunities for approved and non-accredited investors within the legal restrictions.


Crypto Payment Development

To boost their liquidity and preserve intellectual property rights, tokenize pricey paintings, sculptures, and other works of art.

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Non-fungible Tokens

In the cryosphere, non-fungible tokens are circulating as a costly digital asset. Its incredible property of representing digital representations of unique assets creates buzz in the collector's community, where these NFTs sell for millions of dollars. With its inherent nature, NFTS' unique skills on the blockchain network create demand and scarcity, attracting viewers from all over the world.

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NFT Marketplace

NFTs provide surplus business options by providing a multifunctional platform called marketplace where you can easily build, purchase, and sell your NFT. For easy trading and exchange of NFTS over many blockchain networks, this platform can be provided with futuristic technologies such as second layer solutions and in multi chains with cross-chain compatibility.

Sectors that are adapting to the NFT Marketplaces trend

NFT For Sports

NFT For Music

NFT For Fashion

NFT For Real Estate

NFT For Video Clips

NFT For Content Subscription

NFT For Virtual Land

NFT For Memes

NFT For Domain

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Azur Blockchain


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Blockchain for Healthcare

Patients may control their data and improve the quality of care they receive by using clinical data from hospitals and other medical organisations.

Blockchain For Banks And Financial

Because of the security and trustworthiness qualities of biockchain technology, banking and financial institutions will have increased client satisfaction.

Blockchain For Banks And Financial

To retain faith in the government, the blockchain assures that people' data is secure, protected, and correct.

Blockchain For Logistic

Blockchain enables new mobility services while also providing traceability and secure financial transactions. Human errors will be reduced as a result of the automation process.

Blockchain For Transportation

For passengers and other stakeholders, the blockchain will minimise fraud, improve operational efficiency, and assure speedier transactions.

Blockchain For Entertainment

With blockchain's immutable, secure, and trusty network, an assurance ecosystem is established around digital material.

Blockchain For Retail

Inventory control, operational management, and customer happiness are all critical in the retail sector.

Blockchain For Agriculture

Blockchain will offer transparent tracking of agricultural products from growing to consumption in the agriculture sector.

Blockchain For Insurance

The insurance business will be transformed as a result of the incorruptible character of the data, which ensures system transparency.

Why Choose Us?

Blockchain App Maker is a technical behemoth in the making, and it is always evolving as a result of our past experiences. We continue to advance in our education and grow into a technological behemoth.

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Technical Prowess

Our blockchain experts have worked on more than 30 projects involving bitcoin and blockchain development.

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Proven Marketing Team

Our marketing team has led a wide range of ICO initiatives, ranging from healthcare to human resources, to ensure a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Leadership Team

Our executive team is a cross-functional group with more than 30 years of collective expertise in the emerging IT industry.

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