To Build Your Own Custom Altcoin, Blockchain App Maker, Altcoin Development Company Offers Premium Custom Altcoin Creation Service For Every Business, From Start-ups To Entrepreneurs.


Blockchain App Maker is a leading Altcoin Development Company that provides a unique Altcoin Creation Service to help you create an Altcoin with premium quality and features similar to Bitcoin. We produce customised Altcoin as per your requirements in the name you wish, as we are competent at cryptocurrencies and easily adept at emerging technologies.

Altcoins are digital currencies that are comparable to Bitcoin. It is a digital currency generated from the Bitcoin source code, and it is also known as a Bitcoin Alternative, which refers to all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. There are numerous Altcoins throughout the world, with Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple being some of the most prominent Altcoins used to make digital payments all around the world.

Avail The Best Altcoin Development Services to Create Your Own Altcoin Like Bitcoin


Bitcoin was the first successful cryptocurrency that drew the attention of most businesspeople. It is the most popular cryptocurrency, but due to its design, it is also the most complex. However, the majority of blockchain and cryptocurrency engineers believe they can lower the complexity of the technology. Bitcoin transactions take a long time to process and have higher transaction fees. As a result, a significant amount of capital was necessary to establish Bitcoin. Altcoin was created to address these challenges and reduce the time and expense involved. It’s a Bitcoin alternative that has thesame features and functionalities as Bitcoin but with minor code changes.  

When compared to Bitcoin, Altcoin offers lower processing costs and takes less time to process. It also has the same functionalities. This opened the door for the development of Altcoin. The same features and functionality as Bitcoin, but with some code changes. Furthermore, mining Bitcoin requires PoW (proof of work), which takes a significant amount of energy and resources. According to experts, Altcoin can be mined more efficiently thanks to its unique verification process, which saves energy and time compared to Bitcoin mining.


Blockchain App Maker is a premium Altcoin Creation Service provider with years of experience in creating new Altcoins based on the Bitcoin code. We offer a full range of altcoin development services to clients all around the world. Here is where we provide our advanced and creative Altcoin creation service.

  • Altcoins made to order
  • Development of Cryptocurrencies
  • Creating a Whitepaper
  • Setup of the ICO business segment
  • Development of a Coin Storage Wallet
  • Development of Exchange Software
  • Assistance with cryptocurrency mining for newcomers
  • Development of an Initial Coin Offering
  • ICO Promotion
  • Development of the Blockchain


Initial Coin Offering

In this step, open Pre-ICO and ICo at certain intervals to boost the value of your currency and receive the investment amount you specify.

Altcoin Creation

We create a custom Altcoin with advanced features on the blockchain network based on your specifications.

ICO Marketing

We will increase community support through multiple mediums such as Twitter, Telegram, and others.

Wallet Setup & Coin Drop

We design innovative Wallets, either on mobile or on the web, to store your Altcoin safely and allow for secure exchange.

Ideation and Whitepaper Creation

Our team will conduct extensive research and engagement in order to determine the most feasible vision, which will be presented in the whitepaper.


The top Altcoin Development Company, Blockchain App Maker, is working on the establishment of Altcoin. Because we have the following unique features, we are the leading Altcoin Creation Service Provider.

  • Developers of Altcoins and Cryptocurrencies with Exceptional Skills
  • The process of creating an altcoin is quick and secure.
  • A well-thought-out strategy for creating altcoins
  • Working Process that is Secure, Reliable, and Transparent
  • Altcoins made to order
  • Recognize the needs of the client
  • Strong Technical Assistance

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