Custom EMR and EHR Solution Through Blockchain Technology

Enhance the management of EMR and EHR with Blockchain to stay ahead in the healthcare industry.

The healthcare business is a wide field in which technical advancements are critical to the development of a strong medical infrastructure. When a patient approaches a hospital with any kind of disease, the doctor performs a series of tests, and depending on the patient’s health, additional tests may be advised, allowing physicians to make more informed judgments and provide the best therapy to the patient.

A patient’s age, identity, current health conditions, history of ailments, and medications are all collected from the moment they walk into the doctor’s office. These data are recorded electronically in the United States in the form of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR). Despite the massive amount of data generated, the current centralised medical record management system is inefficient, clumsy, and fails terribly in data analysis, security, and interoperability. Most importantly, patients should have complete access to their data.

Bilockchain App Maker is the appropriate answer for you if you need a clear, high-security, efficient data management system, data analysis, interoperability, and clutter-free medical software development solution.

What are EHR and EMR?

The terms “electronic health records” (EHR) and “electronic medical records software” (EMR) are nearly synonymous. Both are digital records of information about patients. EMR is limited to a digital representation of a patient’s chart, medical history, and treatment history from a single physician or institution. It is almost never shared with another hospital. An electronic health record (EHR) is a comprehensive record of a patient’s information from numerous doctors, including all test results, medical history, sickness history, and prescription.

Difference Between EMR and EHR Medical Software

Electronic Medical Record Electronic Health Record
Digital version of patients chart from single hospital source.
Complete Health Record of Patients Information
Records are not shared with another hospital
Records are shared and accessed between multiple healthcare service providers.
Not Certifiable

The EMR/EHR nelps doctos track data over time and readily identify which patients are aue ror primary cneckups or other medical screening tests using ne EMR EHR nelps doctos. It also enables clinicians to assess a patient’s well-being based on metrics like as immunizations, blood pressure, and other scan results. Doctors can make new modifications without having to go through paperwork or re-enter data. Treatment efficiency, doctor-patient relationships, lower-cost healthcare facilities, remote monitoring options, and better treatment options for patients are all aided by digital medical data.

Advantages Of EHR & EMR Solution

Digitization Of Medical Records:

Each new patient creates a large amount of data, all of which is critical to understanding the patients’ current health. This information includes anything from keeping track of a patient’s medical history to analysing reports. Given the importance of such information, good data management is critical to the healthcare industry’s successful operation.

As a result, the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has resulted in numerous positive developments in terms of reducing paperwork. Most crucially, a unified digital system allows healthcare professionals to manage and monitor more real-time data.

Not much, although digitization has made it easier to schedule appointments, submit medical claims, and so on.

Improved Dataflow and Efficiency

A digital data format allows for hassle-free and well-organized data upkeep. It takes less time and energy to pull relevant data when needed, which leads to better efficiency. As a result, there is little to no paperwork to undertake, and the chance of human error is greatly reduced.

Digital mode of Communication

Even with busy schedules, it can be difficult to contact doctors on a regular basis. However, digital communication capabilities have reduced the need for face-to-face meetings with clinicians. Instead, we can use video calls and other social media apps to stay in touch with the doctor.

Better Treatment at Low Cost

The medical industry's greater reliance on digital infrastructure has resulted in enhanced access to low-cost care. The complete implementation of digital infrastructure is predicted to cut overall medical costs by 3%.

Remote Monitoring

The doctor-patient interaction has been elevated thanks to remote supervision and monitoring. They save a lot of time and money by going to regular check-ups on a regular basis.

Our Medical Software Development Solution

We construct EMR/EHR apps at Blockchain App Maker that can be further customised based on your needs, and the built application may be scaled up to meet future needs.

EHR & EMR Medical Software Development

HIPPA guidelines are followed in the construction of our EHR and EMR software. It has a highly secure data management system, quick access to patient records, and real-time data monitoring methods built in.

EHR & EMR Medical Mobile Application Development

We create a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate mobile application with built-in features such as the ability to track patient data, medical histories, socioeconomic information, vitals, lab test results, radiology images, doctor prescriptions, and more.

EHR & EMR Data Record Execution Services

In addition to our development services, we offer a complete administration execution mechanism that includes data migration, pilot testing, and continuous quality improvements of always connected devices.

Certified System of EHR

Our medical EHR software development solution is built with the end goal of obtaining Quality Payment Program benefits in mind. Using certified SSL and TLS system encryptions for role-based verification, our software ensures clear and transparent data management.

PHR Software Development

Patients may easily maintain track of their personal medical history and other medical reports thanks to our Personal Health Records development. A doctor-patient interface module, health monitoring devices, and self-organizing information with EMR and EHR are all included in our PHR system.

Why Blockchain For the EHR & EMR system?

For a long time, blockchain has been an exciting field of research and development, with its benefits being used in a variety of industries. Similarly, blockchain technology is expected to benefit the global health sector due to data security, privacy, user experience, decentralisation, and a distributed immutable ledger.

Data duplication, piles of medical record sheets, misdiagnosis situations, counterfeit pharmaceuticals, delayed medical care, and inefficient healthcare information interchange are all issues that blockchain technology aims to address.

Electronic storage of medical records, lab test information, patient appointments with doctors, accounts, and billing are all features of the contemporary EHR system. As a result, the focus of blockchain technology should be on ensuring safe, tamper-proof interoperability of medical documents stored inside the decentralised chain of blocks across different platforms, as well as security and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology on EHR and EMR

Users Anonymity

The user's anonymity and the difficulties of identifying account holders.

Security and Privacy

Cryptographic algorithms are used to store and secure the data on the blockchain.

Decentralization of Data

The medical data or information that is saved on the blockchain is dispersed throughout the network.

Real-time Data Accessibility

All interested parties that have access to the information stored in the blockchain can read, locate, add, and audit the data as it is stored.

Data Transparency

The data is timestamped and kept in an immutable distributed ledger so that it can be viewed by all of the system's users.

Lower Health Care Costs

There is no need to start with all the tests when you have easy access to accurate and up-to-date medical records with all the relevant information.

Key Features Of Our EMR & EHR Solution


HIPPA Compliance

Medical Chart

Health Record Information Exchange



Medical Billing

Data Analytics & Reporting

Why Blockchain App Maker?

Blockchain App Maker is a group of blockchain enthusiasts and developers who can offer insightful advice and solutions to help you strengthen your EMR and EHR systems with all of the features you need to help hospitals and doctors improve clinical productivity, analyse patient data, and stay connected with patients via the portal for better healthcare.


Medical record digitization has shown to be beneficial to both healthcare practitioners and patients. The development of EMR and EHR software will allow us to keep all of the relevant data in a centralised system and access it as needed.

There are many EHR and EMR software development businesses to choose from, but working with specialists like Blockchain App Maker will benefit your company. They are expert medical health records software providers who can give all of the necessary customizations for your company. Make contact with them to have a more in-depth conversation.

The following is a list of applications for digital patient record software: Monitoring from afar. Anonymity of users, decentralisation of data, transparency of data, security and privacy Access to real-time data and lower healthcare costs.

At a low cost, Blockchain App Maker may assist you in developing a medical record system software. The entire cost of EHR and EMR software is determined by the customisation features you require.

Blockchain App Maker is a group of skilled software developers in India who can assist you in developing and launching EHR and EMR software solutions with all necessary customizations to meet your specific company needs.

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