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Fleet Management Solutions That Are Safe, Robust, and Cost-Effective

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Challenges In IoT-Based Asset Tracking System

To address fleet management difficulties, Blockchain App Maker provides device-to-cloud, smart hardware, cloud, and Edge-based services. We deal with issues such as:

  • What cost-effectiveness would Fleet Management Solutions bring to my company?
  • How can I ensure that my Fleet Management Software connects seamlessly and reliably across network boundaries?
  • What will happen to my technology if future network upgrades, such as 5G, occur?

Fleet Telematics System

We empower fleet owners to connect to the Cloud for safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective operations to meet the concerns.
Through Telematics Solutions that track the following, our team helps decrease the cost of ownership in increasingly stringent environmental and safety laws.

    • Consumption of fuel
    • Management of Routes
    • Performance of the Driver
    • Maintenance of Vehicles


To develop connected fleet management solutions, our team collaborated with OEMS tor Telematics Service.  Using device-to-cloud loT platforms, we create a scalable, easy-to-deploy system that is compatible with emerging and growing standard . The setup is straightforward, and the software may be updated on a variety of devices.

Telematics & GPS Tracking

Asset Tracking & Management

Route Optimization

Statutory Compliance

Advanced Reporting

Robust Engine Data Reporting

Driver Management

Open Data Integration

Green Fleet & Eco- driving

Fuel management

Enterprise Grade Security

Digital Mapping


Organizations benefit from real-time data collected via GPS tracking and the fleet camera deployed onboard. By collaborating with
We enable our customers to monitor and manage their company operations from the next-generation fleet management companies.
application for generation

Real-time tracking of asset/fleet

Onboard camera notifications

IFTA reporting




Blockchain App Maker has stayed ahead of the curve in mobile, web, and software development by integrating cutting-edge technology with innovative thinking to allow digital transformation. Our competence in technologies such as apps and DApps has resulted in a list of clients we are glad to mention.


We can assist you in developing breakthrough items thanks to our many years of experience and deep knowledge of this field.

App Strategy

We define the category, development technologies, protocols, and policies for a successful mobile app business, and we set the milestones for your app business.

Saves Time and Resources

Our services enable you to save a significant amount of time and money on development while allowing you to focus on the most critical areas of your company.

Scalable Designs

As your company grows, our systems can be adjusted to meet new challenges.

Automated and Secure

Our solutions are flexible and may be automated, and our goods are compliant with security laws.

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