Launch your Decentralized Exchange Business Platform with this Decentralized Exchange Script, which uses an atomic exchanging process and a completely secured smart contract architecture.


Blockchain App Maker is a prominent Decentralized Exchange Software Development Company that provides White Label Decentralized Exchange Software Development Services with enticing features at an affordable price. Our Certified Decentralized Exchange Developers are professionals at building a secure and scalable decentralised exchange using cutting-edge blockchain technology that caters to all cryptocurrency traders. We are a skilled blockchain team with over 5+ years of expertise in developing a decentralised exchange platform with unique features and advanced security that allows for seamless transactions. Our scalable DEX Software solutions are meant to save time and money for our clients.


1. Security

The private keys will be stored in a secure environment on the exchange platforms, which will be impossible to hack because to the lack of a central authority. As a result, hackers will not be able to access your coin or data.

2. No middleman

The decentralised exchange platform is well-known for removing the need for a third party to participate in the transaction. The main distinction between a centralised and a decentralised trading platform is this. The trading procedure will be secure if a third party is not involved.

3. No Central Authority

When there is no centralised server involved in the process, everyone in the network has an equal opportunity to participate. They can purchase and sell bitcoins directly to other users, without the participation of a central authority.

4. Privacy

The decentralised trading platform will keep all of your personal information and identities safe and secure. Except for the person to whom you sell or buy cryptocurrency, you do not need to divulge your identity to anyone in the network.

5. Faster trading

By trading crypto currency on a secure and smooth platform, consumers may save time and money. This site is also well-known for its quick exchange.

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Powerful admin and users dashboard

Without requiring any programming knowledge, our admin panel system allows you to simply regulate and invigorate your business nuances at any time.

Flawless trade of cryptocurrency

Our DEX exchange software is based on a reliable crypto trading system. You can update the trade script using the most up-to-date and adaptable trading innovations.

Exclusive UI/UX

Our UI/UX team will work with you after the launch to handle issues, correct errors, and introduce new features to maintain your business exceptional.

Two factor authentication

You won't have to worry about any unexpected breaks with our two-factor authentication. Similarly, you can use a two-factor authentication in your BTC wallet to make your transactions more safe.

Store complete history of cryptocurrency transactions

Every currency trade and withdrawal limit history will be kept on file, allowing you to track the inflow of your cryptocurrency payments.

Secure cryptocurrency transaction

In our crypto trade script, you can join a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, which cannot be hacked by programmers or subjected to other digital crimes.

Integrate Smart contract

Our dedicated smart contract developers can self-execute contracts that automate your business growth and provide trust in currency trades.

Instant notification

Giving traders and buyers fast alerts to identify the ideal trading pair by providing the most accurate partner for cryptocurrency that has to be traded or swapped.

Payment gateway integration

Our payment gateway is updated as needed to keep up with the crypto payment upgrades. You may also combine the DEX script with the most advanced and flexible payment innovations.

Easy to Use Platform

Our simple customizable exchange script gives you the ability to add or remove a Crypto exchange pair, trade orders, payment methods, and more.

Smooth communication between buyer and seller

Our DEX script provides a comprehensive solution for your users, allowing them to choose from a variety of vernaculars for consistent trading and smooth communication.

Reliable Decentralized Exchange on Blockchain

You don't have to be concerned about any mischief in the automation of crypto exchanges thanks to our trusted smart contracts and blockchain technology.


Identification and Research

We establish your requirements, and our team does a brief investigation to learn about technological advancements as well as the current state of the business and product on the market.


Our designers will create a proper outline of the decentralised exchange platform development project once our team has completed a thorough investigation based on your needs.


Our experts have created a comprehensive decentralised trading platform based on blockchain and smart contracts, with extensive features and functionality.


Before deploying the developed product, it is critical to test it thoroughly. To ensure that our product is bug-free, we have a trained testing staff.


After our professionals have completed their testing, it is then placed in the client's network and ready to function and trade.


The top Decentralized Exchange Platform Development Company is Blockchain App Developer. For start-ups and entrepreneurs, having a broad understanding of the creation of safe, trustworthy, and scalable blockchain is essential. We have the following characteristics that set us apart from other decentralized exchange platform development companies:

  • The Most Prominent Blockchain Development Firm.
  • Dedicated to the creation of decentralized Exchange Platforms.
  • Professionals with extensive experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Expertise in determining our clients’ needs.
  • Solutions for developing decentralized exchange platforms on a custom basis.
  • Technical assistance is available immediately.
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge.

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