White Label Crowdfunding Platform Development

Hire the best crowdfunding platform developers to provide dependable solutions that incorporate industry best practises.

Crowdfunding Platform Development

The entire startup fundraising process has been redesigned thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Entrepreneurs can now generate funds for their ventures using a range of financial instruments such as an initial coin offering (ICO), a security token offering (STO), an initial exchange offering (IEO), and more. With Blockchain App Maker, launching your own white label crowdfunding platform has never been easier. They provide a wide selection of solutions that can be customised to match your specific business requirements. Their solutions are more user-friendly and have more scalability.

White Label Crowdfunding Platform for Real Estate, Equity & Debt

Blockchain App Maker is a well-known company when it comes to developing dynamic white label real estate and equity crowdfunding platforms. We are a top development agency that specialises in creating seamless, fully customisable solutions. We have extensive experience in this field, having launched various projects that have assisted our clients in raising over $700 million in finance. We have a huge team of experienced engineers and insightful business professionals on staff who can make your project stand out.

Types of Crowdfunding Platform

Our solutions team can create a crowdfunding platform that is customised to any of your asset classes, investor kinds, or other needs.

Asset Classification

Real Estate Investment Management Software

White-labelled Private Equity Platforms

Debt Crowdfunding Platform

White Label Crowd funding Platform for Infrastructure

Investment Type

LP Shares

General Shares

Alternative Assets

Venture Capital

Multi-Manager Investment

Our Products

LP Shares

General Shares

Alternative Assets

Venture Capital

Multi-Manager Investment

Real Estate Fundraising Platform Features

Analytical Instruments

By looking at the portfolio risk/return profile, you may simulate the impact of investing and divesting.

Portfolio Evaluation

Break down property data and investment opportunities for investors to gain a better knowledge and make more informed decisions.

Investor Communications

Financial reporting in secure data rooms and interactive dashboards are among the features of this automated solution for distributing information to all of your investors.

Fund Management

Funds raised with accredited investors, non-accredited investors, and other investors are managed and tracked using specific workflow tools.

Deal Flow Management

With full mobile access to your dashboards, you can capture current and prospective investors' information in different asset classes.

Private Equity Crowdfunding Platform Features

Performance Evaluation

For improved due-diligence, assess the company's performance with sophisticated analytics for prospective investors.

Accounting and Fund Management

Internal investor reporting, capital calls, and drawdowns are all available through a fully functional ledger solution.


Create complex valuation models by keeping track of the valuation process, including assumptions and findings.

Deal Sourcing

Financial performance to manage due diligence processes is one of the deal-sourcing activities that may be done all in one place.

Investor Communications

All of your investors will receive financial statistics and interactive dashboards in a protected data room.

Private Debt Software Features

Deal Flow

In a user-friendly screen, track the portfolio of loans, bonds, and other debentures before to buy and visualise the predicted performance, market impact, and other risks involved.

Rates Management

With specialised admin panels and a centralised control centre, you may alter the rate of interest of the returns to the lenders based on market conditions.


Automate your transactions with payment priority to make managing loan amounts easier when faced with unexpected expenses or a cash shortage a breeze.

Fund Ledger General

With full mobile access to your dashboards, you can capture current and prospective investors' information in different asset classes.

Cash Flow Forecasting

You may track cash flow predictions and make modifications to LIBOR rates, changing conditions, or the risk of non-payment using our analytics application.

Investor Relations

Maintaining and accessing the track records and information of your investors who participated in the fundraising process with ease.

Debt Scheduling

Capture data on loans, bonds, and debentures, as well as any illiquidity discounts or premiums that are required by rules, as well as income production through fees and other charges.

Infrastructure Crowdfunding Management Software

Centralized Management

All infrastructure investments (listed, unlisted, and direct) are centralised on a single, efficient, and seamless platform for portfolio analysis.

Data Gathering

All data from managers and partners should be collected and monitored. These can be data at the Fund or SPV level, or even data at the asset level.

Investor Reporting

Financial reports are generated with in-house and external shareholders in a seamless and safe share key process.

Pipeline Management

Capture data and information on possible investors so that deal flow management can be handled with care.

Investment Management

Fund management assistance for investments, divestments, capital calls, and other required information is automated with workflow optimization through fund management support for investments, divestments, capital calls, and other required information.

Investment Optimization

Benchmarking results for the characteristic and performance for all risk factors to efficiently measure performance and improve risk/return profile.

Investor Portals

Investor data concerning major reports and fact sheets should be centralised and streamlined to increase openness with investors.

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