Security Token Exchange Development Platform

Create Security Token Exchange for Tokenized Securities!

Security Token Exchange Development

The Blockchain App Maker security token exchange development team is dedicated to building a safe exchange with cutting-edge security features. We’ll offer a comprehensive, dependable, and secure platform for your users to construct their own exchanges.

We were able to establish an asset token exchange that complies with SEC regulations thanks to the advancement of new technology. These will fall under the category of Cryptocurrency Alternative Trading Systems (ATS). We can construct a ready-to-use security token exchange platform for your users by developing a STO exchange platform. Utility coins and digital assets are both supported by the STO exchange platform.

Security Token Exchange Development Features

Security Exchange Platform

Your users can utilise the BAF Security Exchange Platform to set up their own security token exchange and then join to the main network. This will ensure that the exchanges' liquidity is maintained. There is a demand for exchange platforms in the crypto-market, and we are here to fill that void.

Connection To External Exchange

To boost liquidity, our API will interface with external security ATS exchanges. The security token put in the external account will be used to determine liquidity. You can open an account for your business at any external exchange for a liquidity that is based on the amount deposited as an exchange operator.

Order Matching

The BAF Matching Engine pairs orders between buyers and sellers at the best market price in real time. Different forms of orders, such as market and limit orders, are also available in our engines.

Fund Managment

All security token transactions will be managed automatically by the integrated wallet platform. With our unique processing tools and bank interface, users of the platform can either control fiat currency automatically or manually.

Escrow System

Using a trusted third party or a smart contract, the coln will be exchanged between buyers and sellers. Once the escrow is released, consumers will receive automatic payments without any delays in processing time.

All Currency Transaction

The BAF Security Token Exchange Software allows you to use any currency. The BAF exchange can accept any cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, as well as any flat money, such as US Dollars or Chinese RMB.

Any Language

Our exchange will support a variety of languages, including Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, and others. All of these might be incorporated into the system as numerous languages. The languages will blend in smoothly with your conversation.

Payment Gateway Integration

Users will be able to purchase and sell fiat currencies using credit cards, debit cards, and other payment systems thanks to the platform's integration with a payment gateway. These will be combined to create a seamless ecology.

Security Token Exchange Development Benefits

Extremely Secure

Separated servers, encrypted user access, two-factor authentication, and offline VPN transmission are all part of the four-layer security system. DDoS defence, x-XSS protection, HTTP Public Key Pinning, and Content Security Policy (CSP) protection are all available.

Optimal Customization

We are adaptable enough to develop an exchange that meets your specific needs. Our team can develop and host exchanges in your IT infrastructure that are the most user-friendly and convenient for your users.

Crypto - Hedge

The Security Token Exchange can be used as a hedge fund.

99.9% Uptime

Because of three major factors, our exchange platforms will always be up and running: DNS Failover, Geo IP Routing, and Distributed Server Architecture. This ensures that the asset exchange platform is always available.

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