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STO (Security Token Organization) is a marketing company for security tokens. In the cryptocurrency market, Security Token is the next big thing. The wider goal of growth, trusting investors, and the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscapes will drive the tokenized securities industry. Our mission at Blockchain App Maker is to develop a well-balanced and comprehensive marketing communication strategy with the ultimate goal of increasing your company’s brand value in the eyes of investors.

Security Token Marketing (STO) necessitates a broad perspective. The goal is for investors to find you on their first attempt. We will assist you in achieving better results by guiding you through precise planning and planned execution in consultation with you in order to establish investor trust and assist you in achieving your objectives. Our team is well-versed in both technological and marketing investment opportunities using the proper strategy to get the desired results.

What is General Solicitation?

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the General Solicitation allows issuers to advertise and market their offering to investors if:

As an Intermediary, an external agent, such as a broker, is used.

Use a questionnaire to ask investors for self-verification of their financial situation.

Password security is used to prevent general public access to investment information on websites.

Five Pillars of Our STO Marketing

Consult, Research, Strategize, Deal Marketing, and Proxy Marketing are the five pillars that support our security token approach. These pillars serve as the foundation for any effective marketing campaign. To make your vision a reality, we plan and execute with our team of compelling content writers, professional SEO experts, and motivated marketers. Visuals, content, new marketing techniques, and, most importantly, a convincing message to potential investors to back your project are all available to you.

We don’t want to be satisfied with what others provide. We’re taking it a step further by providing you with our own specialties. Through our strategic partnerships, we hope to assist our customers in locating the best investors to pitch their projects to through deal marketing. Our professional panel will discuss the projects.

STO Marketing Consuting

Our marketing specialists have assisted in the promotion of traditional investments to fund managers as well as the largest ICOs.

STO Market Research

We have a team of talented Market Analysts who might promote your STO tokens to investors and fund managers.

STO Marketing Strategy

With only a few companies and a lot of room for growth, now is the best moment to get into the Security Tokens industry.

Deal Marketing

We can assist you with investor outreach and the creation of the ideal pitch deck for your project.

Proxy Marketing

Invite industry experts to discuss how the value of your project is increasing.

Our STO Marketing Consulting

Our Security Token Consulting team is different from the rest. With their persistent efforts, our marketing specialists seek to express the vision to your investors. Our marketing experts are collaborating with you. To you, our team does not have a pre-determined strategy.
The following are some of the advantages:

Customizing to meet specific needs

STO Market Research

We don’t use a trial-and-error approach to security token marketing; instead, we rely on data-driven market research. The security token market is now in the green, but your token may be the one to set the trend and enrich your investors and future investors.
Expertise, precise planning, and superior analytical skills drive marketing.

Evidence-based research has a number of advantages.

Increasing the number of potential investors.

Make a list of your top investment prospects.

Reducing risk and avoiding inefficient efforts.

STO Marketing Strategy

We’ve navigated the ICO market and succeeded in strategizing for a successful fundraising campaign. A strategy is the first step in marketing. A project will not be able to stand the test of time if it does not have a strategy. In addition, we conduct strategy evaluations to gain further market insights for future marketing initiatives.

The following are some of the advantages of a value-driven marketing strategy:

Provides the project with clarity, focus, and direction.

Brings a diverse group of people together to achieve a shared purpose.

To carry out the vision, develops systems, techniques, and resources.

Deal Marketing

When a corporation has a track record, marketing a successful deal is easier. If you’re a pre-revenue business looking to raise financing for your product, though, the outreach process gets a little more difficult. At Blockchain App Factory, we’ll craft the right marketing pitch for you, ensuring that you have the best chance of attracting investors. We create a four-phase marketing strategy for your deal.

Pre Pitch



Investor Outreach

Proxy Marketing

We’ll promote your token through specialists, advisers, and other guest writers who will discuss your project and its potential in the Security Token Market. These will be communicated by industry professionals, and we will assist them in developing material. These masters employ a variety of materials.

Releases to the Press

Content marketing via blogs and other means

Profiles on Social Media

Participation in the Community

Vlogs and Reviews on YouTube

Security Token Marketing Services

Owner's Manual Audit

If you already have a Whitepaper/Handbook, Owner's our team of technical, marketing, and content experts will help you make the owner's manual more appealing to investors. In addition, our design team will add creatives to the project for a better explanation.


Investors are more likely to fund your project if the company's brand is well-known. To demonstrate your worth to investors, you must send a statement about who you are and what you stand for. We ensure that the project's brand integrity is preserved.

Reputation Management

Investors are choosy when it comes to the ventures they invest. Any damage to the company's reputation will be detrimental. We are dedicated to defending your reputation in crypto-communities, telegram, and other social media channels.

Influencer Marketing

The oldest trick in the book is word of mouth marketing. Our contacts with influencers, on the other hand, provide your project with a voice that will attract the target audience. Bloggers, crypto-community social media icons, and Youtube Vloggers make up the crew.

Content Curation

The content marketing programme will assist your project in gaining and maintaining awareness as a problem-solver. The content team is a driving force for your project, providing engaging and value-creating content that aligns with the project's goals and strategy.

E-mail Promotion

We want to remarket and upsell the project's value to investors by launching focused campaigns. The E-mail blast service is started with newsletters, and the results are tracked with monthly reports and analytics.

Social Media Management

The signals acquired via social media and forums are critical in determining investment behaviour, particularly among retail investors. Furthermore, it raises conversation rates by creating favourable brand recognition and a digital footprint.

Offline Happenings

Roadshows can help you stay in front of your investors. The leadership team will attend as delegates, talk as visionaries, sponsor as leaders, and exhibit their future at blockchain and investment-related events.

Press Release

Your security token gains credibility via a press release. We collaborate with top public relations firms to build an engaging tale that gives the correct perspective of your project. In addition, you can express your enthusiasm for the project and the challenges you want to solve.

Our STO Marketing Foundation

The goal of Blockchain App Maker is to devise the best technique for penetrating the minds of investors. We assist Security Token Offerings in achieving their objectives by assessing the brand messaging and perception in the communities and developing a successful marketing strategy.

Our team will assess the product value provided for both your investors and your business. Offerings to fund managers must be more than just discounts; they must be an investment with long-term advantages.

We’ll look at what your competitors are offering and identify your product’s or service’s unique selling features (USPs). The USPs tend to attract investors who are willing to take a chance on your business.

A good communication strategy is essential for generating and retaining value. It is critical that all official communications, both online and offline, convey the same message. We will supply you with a branding bundle that includes a logo, brochures, and other materials.

Our team of blockchain and cryptocurrency aficionados can complete the project by creating security tokens on your own blockchain. With the completely customised blockchain, you can be at the forefront of the security token business while remaining safe and secure.

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